Vegan American fare is taking over across the country. From fast food chains to local businesses, vegan options are becoming high in demand. However, a lot of them are limited to what is considered “healthy” food. Even places offering plant-based burgers are marketing them as “healthier” and green. SoBe Vegan has a wide selection of healthy food, but as you may have seen from our Instagram (@sobeveg), we also offer that cheesy, gooey, amazingly tasty burger experience that you get at ShakeShack, In-N-Out, and Five Guys.
We are taking plant-based foods and creating an experience that both vegans and meat lovers will enjoy. While we offer a healthier selection of salads, bowls, and healthy breakfast items like acai bowls and avocado toast, we did not want to leave out the “cheat day” items like burgers, chick’n sandwiches, cheese fries, sausages, and hot dogs. Just like walking into your favorite local burger spot and smelling the grease and salt that makes your mouth water, SoBe Vegan provides an experience that is equally as crave-able.
Vegan alternatives are becoming more and more innovative and realistic – think Beyond Burgers, Beyond Sausage, Just Eggs, Impossible Burgers, etc. – and are taking the world by storm. We want to embrace the realism. We want our burgers to taste and look exactly like a traditional burger – and they do! The same goes for our chick’n sandwiches, hot dogs and sausages. SoBe Vegan puts a twist on each burger to craft a unique experience that will tantalize your taste buds.
The average American eats three traditional burgers per week. If we can get people to replace just one of these with a SoBe Vegan burger, we can save the energy equivalent of removing 12 million cars from the roads for a year. Environmentally speaking, our burgers are definitely the healthier option. But they’re just as tasty, juicy, and crave-worthy.
We’re moving towards a healthier America. But it doesn’t mean that everyone wants to give up the cheat days. That’s why SoBe Vegan offers a wide selection of food. Choose a healthier option from our crunchy, delicious salads or bowls to our creamy avocado toast; or, live it up a little and splurge for a burger or mac & cheese.
Traditional American fare is literally getting a makeover with vegan food, and some are even overtaking their meat-based counterparts. SoBe Vegan is leading the way starting in South Florida, on a mission to make vegan American food that tastes incredible and brings healthier options to all. And part of our mission is to make food that everyone will love; showing all that vegan food can taste just as good, if not even better. Cheat days have never felt more honest. Only at SoBe Vegan.