Vegan Cuisine

Vegan Cuisine

Vegan Cuisine


The ultimate vegan
quick casual

Healthier food
without sacrificing
the flavor we love.

Our Promise

Starting in South Florida, Miami SoBe Vegan is a fast casual restaurant offering a modern, healthy twist on the traditional American fare. With a diverse menu that offers incredible salads, plant-based burgers, sandwiches and shakes all centered around great taste, we’re redefining what vegan can be – from the ground up. SoBe Vegan burgers sizzle and savor the right ingredients from the plant kingdom to bring an experience meat lovers crave in every bite. You’ve never tasted plants like this!

We put food first – its what makes us different from other vegan restaurants. It’s our goal to serve you the best burger, not a tasteless vegan substitute! We put an emphasis on flavor and quality and extend that focus throughout our entire menu – from our line of health conscious, crispy fries to deliciously, creamy shakes! We create savory burgers, dogs and chick’n sandwiches entirely from plants for people who love meat. You don’t have to compromise to live better. SoBe Vegan in Miami Beach!


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110 Washington Ave
miami beach fl 33139