Healthier Food
without sacrificing
the flavor we love.

Stylized V in front of leaves.

Crafted with love,
from our kitchen
to your plate.

About Us

SoBe Vegan offers a wide variety of great-tasting food – that happens to be vegan! Our mission is to provide you with fresh, healthy, and delicious food so that you never have to choose between what is better tasting and what is better for you. Even before our inception, the SoBe Vegan family has always enjoyed trying various vegetarian and vegan cuisines in restaurants not only in Miami but around the globe.

At SoBe Vegan, our goal has always been to create delicious and healthy plant-based meals without compromising the quality of our food. That’s why we have taken an all-natural route and reduced the amount of processed and fried foods and substitutes on our new menu. Teaming up with Chef Horacio Rivadero, our new and diverse menu has been carefully curated and designed to share with those you love!

With the futures of our own kids in mind, we wanted to develop a concept that would be better for them. Healthy living is our goal just as it is everyone else’s. Only big things are to come for SoBe Vegan! We will continue to deliver great-tasting food to our customers and are eager to expand across the country and the globe. We are passionate about the food, the business, and our company’s expansion. Moreover, we are passionate about supporting causes that are important to our kids’ futures. We’re starting by promoting a healthy lifestyle with our menu, crafted with love from our kitchen to your plate.