The Power of Plant-Based

When it comes to something like a pandemic, we are all in this together. That means animals too. The way that we eat is influenced by the animals around us more than we think, especially when it comes to meat.

One way to aid in the prevention of future pandemics is through plant-based dieting. You might be asking how going plant-based could really help lower the chances of another pandemic like COVID-19 from happening, but it’s simple.

The source of many diseases that impact the human race occur when a human comes into contact with an infected animal. This is called a “zoonotic disease.” Eating plant-based eliminates the possibility of a zoonotic disease, and it provides you with a more sustainable lifestyle at the same time. An example of a past zoonotic disease would be the swine flu, which humans originally contracted from pigs.

So many people are making the conscious choice to eat more plant-based products after the discovery of COVID-19. Some of the benefits that these eating choices are bringing consumers include lower calorie counts, more fiber, and an abundance of antioxidants.

Of course, eating plant-based can’t provide full protection against an existing disease like COVID-19. The precautions that you should be taking against COVID-19 are those that organizations such as the World Health Organizations (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) are setting forth.

However, eating plant-based can be one of the first steps to take against the spread of another global pandemic. With less animals being consumed, there’s a lower chance of a human contracting an infection from an animal. And with less disease, the world becomes a happier place.

Pandemics are not the only diseases you protect yourself from when choosing a plant-based diet. These diets may protect you from a lifelong diagnosis of heart disease or high cholesterol. It should be no surprise that your diet and your health are directly correlated.

SoBe Vegan has many great plant-based options for you! And we never said that you have to choose between what’s better for you and what’s better tasting. Come to one of our locations to check out the healthier, delicious, more enjoyable side of plant-based dieting.