The French Fry Spiel

Pictured: Our crispy golden delicious French Fries with our decadent SoBe cheese sauce.

Your mouth: Watering.

Let’s face it – we’re Americans, and we love French Fries. For people on a plant-based diet, French fries can be somewhat of a saving grace at a lot of restaurants that are meat-heavy. However, can one always assume that French Fries are a vegan – safe food item?

If we’re getting technical here, the answer is not always. Most French Fries are vegan, but in some very rare cases, they aren’t. Certain popular fast-food chains are known for their cross-contamination of animal products with plant-based products.

While most popular chains include pages on their website listing their fries and/or hash browns/tots as being “vegetarian-friendly,” this may not be the case. Many have speculated that French fries in the fast food world are actually cooked in beef fat. Regardless, it is important to read the fine print. You may see the warnings to customers about potential cross-contamination with animal products and sensitivity to food allergies.

Cross-contamination can be an issue for plant-based eaters at any restaurant. When it comes to fries, it’s best to ask your server about the restaurant’s policy.

But wait! SoBe Vegan’s menu is entirely plant-based. We do not employ the use of animal or dairy products and are completely vegan-friendly. What does that mean? Nothing on our menu is off-limits. Come on down to SoBe Vegan today and experience amazing.