SoBe Sauces

SoBeV Sauce

Feeling extra saucy? Here at SoBeV we’ve formulated the ultimate vegan sandwich, burger and dipping sauce! Good for dunking chick’n nuggets, dripping over French fries, and slathering over a burger or sandwich, it’s everything you could look for in a sauce.

Our secret sauce recipe has flares of smoky, sweet, and umami flavors. Combining ketchup and mayo will always be delicious, but we’ve come up with our own new, unique, and fun vegan ingredients to make our sauce truly #SoBeDelicious! It’s creamy, dreamy, and totally flavorful! Being both kid-approved and adult-accepted, this sauce is bound to become your new obsession!


SoBeV Cheese Sauce

Why do so many vegetarians find it difficult to go 100% plant-based? The thought of giving up cheese! Vegan or not, a yummy cheese sauce is a must have staple in any diet. Fortunately, SoBeV has created a delicious, creamy, gooey, cheesy sauce without the actual cheese!

Our goal was to make a sauce that didn’t make you feel puffy, bloated or gross. With the same consistency of a classic cheese sauce, our SoBeV Cheese Sauce is guaranteed to satisfy all your cheesy cravings. Ditch the dairy and get ready for vegan gold! Despite how authentic our vegan cheese sauce tastes, it’s also lower in fat, good for the planet and good for your health.


SoBeV Homemade Dressings

For plant-based eaters, dining out can often be a challenge. While salads can be found at most restaurants, many dressings contain dairy in additives. For vegans, even finding a salad can be difficult. SoBe Vegan certainly offers that mouthwatering cheeseburger experience that some crave; but for those trying to stay lean by eating greens, SoBeV also offers an incredible variety of crave-worthy salads!

Instead of being limited to the dull and redundant “house” salad that you may be used to, SoBe Vegan is spicing it up with a huge variety of salads and dressings. Our incredible vegan dressings are made in-house from a variety of blended ingredients. Offering vegan dressings such as Classic Caesar, Blue Cheese, and Tahini Vinaigrette, SoBe Vegan will tantalize your taste buds today with a scrumptious salad!