French Bulldog sitting outside the W Fort Lauderdale SoBe Vegan next to a to-go bag.

Without a doubt, YouTube is a great resource for dedicated vegans and non-vegans alike. So many influencers can inform us of upcoming trends or details on how to make new vegan recipes to answering your questions about the lifestyle. The SoBe Vegan family loves seeing and listening to our online reviews since it encourages us to improve! Interested to hear what YouTube reviews creators give SoBe Vegan in Fort Lauderdale? If so, check out these videos to learn a bit more about us and some of the wonderful customers we serve. As always, our #1 goal is to provide great tasting food at great prices.

It’s been over a year since we opened our first location at the W Fort Lauderdale Hotel, and we couldn’t be happier. We greatly appreciate the communities we serve, both local and visitor, and want to ensure our menu items are both affordable and delicious. While we gear up to open our flagship Miami Beach location, we thank those that have reviewed our Fort Lauderdale restaurant.

A Frenchie Tail

We are elated the adorable Petunia PawBelle came in with her Dad to enjoy some food and soak up “the youthful vibe”. Known as A Frenchie Tail on YouTube, they sampled the Caesar Salad, Burger Bowl, Sausage & Peppers Bowl, Mac & Cheese, SoBe V Cheese Fries, Cold-Pressed Watermelon Sunrise Juice, Avocado Toast, Burger Flight, Italian Street Cart, and the Spicy Chick’n Sandwich! Check out their video that highlights how dog-friendly and fun our restaurant is!

Sade’s Mix

Our next featured creator, Sade, was originally from New York City but moved to sunny South Florida seven years ago. Her YouTube channel, Sade’s Mix, features videos about true crime, vlogs, and the Hidden Gems of South Florida series. Sade and her boyfriend, Jasper, came to our W Fort Lauderdale location to feature us in the Hidden Gems series. Sade created a beautiful video highlighting our interior and some fan favorite menu items. The duo shared a Provolone Burger, Burger Bowl, French Fries and Tater Tots.  Jasper gave us a whopping 12/10 rating! It’s shared experiences like this that drive us to do what we do.

Jesse Shredder

Jesse Shredder is a plant-based creator who reviews the latest and greatest vegan cuisine. He gave us a stellar review as a part of his [coVLOG-19] series. After trying our Mac & Cheese, French Fries, Burger Flight, and Buttermilk Ranch Sandwich, the mini–Classic Cheddar Burger from the Flight was his personal favorite. We are glad to have been a source of happiness during the tough months of lockdown in 2020. We applaud creators like Jesse whose content aims to break the stigma around vegan food.


As a foodie who just happened to become vegan, DoughBoiVegan brought along both a vegan and non-vegan friend. The video features a gorgeous introduction and a candid review of the SoBe Stack, Queso Burger, Super Food Salad, and SoBe Fries. Everyone devoured their meals and they seemed to enjoy the SoBe V experience in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks again for your kind words and positive review!

As you can see, this is just a small taste of SoBe Vegan reviews from YouTube content makers alone. Even if you don’t consider yourself 100% vegan, we can still unite with our common love of SoBe Vegan! So what are you waiting for and why are you still watching videos? Drop by to try any of our delicious items today!