SoBe Vegan employee holding pink balloons in front of pink palm trees inside the Fort Lauderdale location.

Our Fort Lauderdale location is open for business, and we are happy to report that we have never been doing better! Come on in and visit us at our first ever location at the W Hotel, open from 8 AM to 9 PM every day!

SoBe Vegan is incredibly passionate about your dine-in experience with us. We can’t wait to deliver one of our deliciously devious burgers from our kitchen onto your plate. Whether it’s an especially tasty salad or a creamy Hand Spun Shake, we know you won’t be disappointed. Our restaurant wouldn’t be the same without you there. The restaurant features a fabulous dine-in area, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. You’re going to love it! We are incredibly proud of the wall art located throughout the restaurant. Don’t be shy and snap a picture for your Instagram when you’re here!

Make sure to bring the kids, friends, and family with you. We want to provide fresh, delicious, and healthy food for everyone in your life. That means pets too! Our location is 100% pet-encouraging, as seeing your four-legged friends often tends to make our day.

We are excited to see you in person and are committed to giving the Fort Lauderdale community the perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We are certain you won’t leave with an empty stomach. Check out the sneak peek below of what you’re missing out on.