SoBe Vegan Provolone Burger split in half.

Stereotypes are tiring. There is a great deal of myth that circulates around the internet about vegan dieting due to misconceptions. Don’t listen to fiction – SoBe Vegan is here to debunk some plant-based diet myths you may have come across. 

Myth: Vegans only eat vegetables.

Truth: Plant-based diets are so much more than just vegetables. A plant-based meal would not be complete without delicious fruits and hearty, starchy foods. Enjoyable plant-based options include beans, rice, whole grains, and potatoes. Similarly, some foods, like snacks, can be vegan without being intentional!

Myth: Without milk and dairy products, we will not have strong bones.

Truth: There is no solid evidence that proves that the human diet requires milk from a cow or any other animal. See this medical article from BBC here. People are told from a young age that we need dairy products for bone strength, but nations with higher dairy intakes are the places with the highest bone and hip fracture rates. That’s another reason to reconsider picking up a glass of animal-based milk.

Myth: It is difficult to get an adequate amount of protein on a plant-based diet. 

Truth: Plant protein is very real! People seem to fret over receiving enough protein, but most people in the United States get a significantly higher amount of protein than is enough. The food that you eat on a plant-based diet will still keep you strong and packed full of protein.

Myth: Eating plant-based is for rich people only.

Truth: There is a high chance that you will actually save money by going plant-based. Unlike processed foods, dairy products, and meat, the prices of fruits and vegetables have not been rapidly increasing. Affordable, plant-based friendly foods include rice, beans, pasta, and whole grains. Budgeting for affordable and healthy meals has never been easier!

Myth: Plant-based dieting can make you weak.

Truth: An array of pro-athletes and Olympians, from Lewis Hamilton to Venus Williams, follow plant-based diets in preparation for their sporting events. It’s all about eating well, plant-based or not. Because of this, you will find that many of the foods that plant-based diets are composed of will have you strong and energized to take on any activity. 

Myth: It is impossible to eat out on a plant-based diet.

Truth: Despite initial menu offerings, many restaurant options exist for people making the transition to plant-based dieting. It has become more common over the years for restaurants to offer plant-based friendly menu options. A great choice is SoBe Vegan! Whether you’re looking for delicious, healthy salads or beach burgers and shakes that just so happen to be plant-based, you can always rely on us for great tasting, animal-free cuisine!

Now that we’ve clarified some plant-based diet myths, there’s no need to be afraid! Try something from our menu today!