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How can you be an athlete and get the right amount of protein from a plant-based diet? There are many top athletes that follow plant-based diets who can help answer this question.

Pro-athletes who follow plant-based diets include popular tennis player Venus Williams, Chris Smalling from the Manchester United soccer team, Open Women’s World Surfing champion Tia Blanco, and even five-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton.

So, what is protein and how much should you eat? To put it simply, protein is just a cluster of amino acids, and some of these amino acids are essential for the body. These amino acids cannot be produced by the body itself, so it is necessary for them to be consumed.

Being a pro-athlete requires more protein to be consumed than the rest of us. Their overall calorie intake often needs to be higher for the physical demand they put on their bodies. Some athletes choose to take protein supplements, but this should not be a concern for anyone worrying about not getting enough out of a plant-based diet.

Protein deficiency is a condition that’s actually very rare in the United States. If you’re an athlete looking for ways to get more protein, try incorporating more foods like soymilk, beans, seeds, whole grains, and nuts into your diet. There are even pastas that are chickpea-based with lots of protein to keep you energized.

Saying that meat is the only food with protein in it is in fact a myth. It comes down to eating the right food, which is the key for any athlete or person in general. It is important to remember that if you are actively consuming enough food for the amount of activity you do, you will get enough protein for your body.

Adapting to a transition with your diet might not happen overnight. Slowly staggering these new plant-based foods into what you eat may be the easiest way for you. Everybody’s diet is individualized and adapts at different rates than others.

SoBe Vegan has an abundance of mouthwatering vegan friendly foods for an athlete to keep up with their protein. For example, our power bowls are sure to make you feel pumped and strong for your workout ahead of you.

Athlete or not, SoBe Vegan has some tasty, protein-filled menu options to give power to your day. Don’t hesitate and come grab a bite.