Aerial view of sausage, egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches on gluten-free bread.

It can be difficult for someone with a plant-based diet to find the perfect breakfast. Most breakfast foods incorporate dairy or eggs into the ingredients, but that is not the case at SoBe Vegan.

Our scrumptious array of breakfast sandwiches come fresh and ready to help you get energized for the important day ahead of you. A good breakfast can make or break the success of your day, and we are aware.

Between two delicious slices of gluten-free sourdough bread, we stack our breakfast sandwiches with all of the great plant-based ingredients you would want in your morning. This includes only the best American cheese and scrambled eggs. Then, our sandwiches are customizable with either our crispy bacon or tasty sausage.

Our breakfast is not complete with just a sandwich. You can top off your breakfast with a side of our crisp, gluten-free tater tots. Sounds great, right?

Since we want to satisfy ALL of your cravings, our mouthwatering breakfast is served from 9AM – 9PM. That’s right, all day.

That’s #SoBeDelicious, if you ask us.