Exterior shot of Miami Beach SoBe Vegan.

Our Story

SoBe Vegan offers a wide variety of great tasting food – that happens to be vegan! Our mission is to provide you with fresh, healthy, and delicious food so that you never have to choose between what is better tasting and what is better for you.

Even before our inception, the SoBe Vegan family has always enjoyed trying various vegetarian and vegan cuisines in restaurants not only in Miami, but around the globe. However, no matter where we have traveled, the menus have been limited when it comes to great tasting vegan food. With the futures of our own kids in mind, we wanted to develop a concept that would be better for them. Healthy living is our goal just as it is everyone else’s.

We believe that vegan food is a fun, happy, and interesting sector for restaurant development. We saw an opportunity to thrive with the growth of this sector, as we argue a need for new vegan concepts with food that tastes amazing.

We want “vegan” to mean food that tastes great, and that is what we are helping to create. We all want to live happier healthier lives, and eating vegan is a great way to avoid the processed meats, hormones, GMOs, etc., that are found in animal and dairy products.

We want all customers to enjoy our restaurant, not just vegan ones. We think our burgers are as good as any others around, you won’t be able to tell the difference. Unlike the plethora of places that focus on public perception, our number one goal is getting great tasting food to the customer.

Only big things are to come for SoBe Vegan! We will continue to deliver great tasting food to our customers and are eager to expand across the country and globe. We are passionate about the food, the business, and our company’s expansion. Moreover, we are passionate about supporting causes that are important to our kids’ futures. We’re starting by promoting a healthy lifestyle and by bringing great food to all people.