Our Salads

For those of us who follow a plant-based diet, finding a great salad is not always as easy as it may seem. Between dressings, toppings, and garnishes, quite often even just a single ingredient can take a salad off the table.

At SoBe Vegan, we do not use animal or dairy products in any of our food, including in our salads, salad dressings, and salad garnishes. Created with the main purpose of tasting great, our salads are also gluten-free and packed with fresh veggies and nutrients.

With five salads to choose from, finding a great tasting vegan salad is as easy as So – Be – V! Whether you want something light, hearty, healthy, or otherwise, we have it all!

Forget the days of ordering a mediocre yet outrageously expensive salad just to feel like you’re practicing good health (despite the entire cake you ate last night). At SoBeV, eating a salad has never seemed more indulgent.