A SoBe Vegan hot dog with a lettuce bun and sauces.

Our Hot Dogs and Sausages

Looking to satisfy that nagging lunch craving? SoBe Vegan wants to lead the way to bring you the American classics, such as hot dogs and sausages, completely meat-free. The best lunch near you could be one of our mouthwatering plant-based hot dogs or sausage options sourced by Lightlife. It’s the ultimate cure to fill your lunch appetite.  

Just like your tastebuds, our chefs know that a plant-based lunch is not complete without lots of toppings. Our hot dogs are customizable with organic ketchup, organic mustard, onions, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, and relish to suit your palette. Eating plant-based and animal-free has never felt more indulgent than this!

Our first contender, the Spicy Brown, is an appetizing combination of our plant-based sausage with spicy brown mustard that we make in house. It’s a classic, fulfilling and fitting for a mid-day treat. 

The Italian Street Cart, another one of SoBe Vegan’s deviously delicious sausages, comes stacked with the perfect ingredients. With caramelized onions and roasted red peppers, your taste buds will be begging for more. We love finishing off this SoBe original with a little spicy brown mustard for that extra kick you know you want. 

Regardless of your choice, both options work perfectly with SoBe Vegan’s crispy, authentic French fries. Add our in-house SoBe V Cheese Sauce for more plant-based deliciousness. In between, wash them down with one of our incredible vegan beverages! The young (or young at heart) can choose drinks such as non-dairy milkshakes or smoothies, sodas, water or juices. Meanwhile, mature audiences have the added option for a beer or wine to complement their meal.

Finally, don’t hesitate to stop in for a bite. Our sausages and hot dogs (and french fries) are nothing but 100% vegan & 100% delectable. Served all day, every day at SoBe Vegan.