SoBe Vegan Vanilla Iced Latte in front of a flamingo mural.

Our Coffee

Coffee is an important start to any morning for most. It gives us the energy we need after rolling out of bed. Whether it’s made ourselves or purchased ready to drink, our noses are greeted by its fragrant smell. Freshly roasted beans, combined with boiling water, gives us the perfect base whether we add more ingredients or prefer it black. Afterwards, we include our chosen milks, creamers, sweeteners, and other add-ins. Before long, we can finally enjoy it! Each undertone gives us bursts of sweet or savory flavors. No matter how much we drink, we can’t help but crave more even after the final sip.

If you can’t live without coffee, then you can find a new favorite at SoBe Vegan! Our supplier, Panther Coffee, is a Miami-based company that recently expanded to Michigan. Their focus lies in speciality roasting, preparing, and selling coffee. Their beans come from different parts of Africa and South America. One great aspect they take pride in is building long-term relationships with their providers. As a small business ourselves, we cherish the relationship we have with Panther. We love supporting other like-minded local businesses.

When you come over to either of our locations, you can drink easy without worrying about that post-coffee stomach ache you can often experience with dairy. Our offerings include a number of traditional favorites. These include our regular, decaf, and expressos. We even expanded and have some new additions you can find on our menu. Some examples include more iced lattes, flavored cappuccinos and Cubanos. You can even customize your drinks with oat, soy, almond, and coconut milk. No matter which type is your favorite, you can be sure we’ll have your back for every occasion. Even if you’re not a morning person, we’re sure our coffee will brighten your days!