Closeup of Classic Cheddar burger.

Our Burgers

Hold the phone. Did someone say plant-based?

These days, you can go pretty much anywhere and get a mushy, flavorless veggie burger that resembles nothing of a traditional burger. At SoBe Vegan, not only do we hold ourselves to the highest standards amongst plant-based burgers; we compare our burgers to the famous, juicy cheeseburgers that we all grew up loving.

Carefully crafted with the utmost importance of taste, SoBe Burgers are made from homemade recipes that use unique and interesting ingredients. Yet made only from plants, our burgers deliver all the flavor, aroma and beefiness of meat. 

Designed for greatness but casual enough to have on a normal occasion, our mouthwatering burgers are a perfect meal at any time. 

We say good riddance to the fall-apart, ‘I could have made a better one’ veggie burgers we have known for too long. 

No more mush. More guilt-free meat. Only at SoBe Vegan.