The most basic necessity every person on this planet needs is food.

Food is not only essential to our wellbeing and survival, but eating good food is one of the most comforting and emotionally beneficial actions we humans take part in every day. Unfortunately, however, for many of the people in our community, getting 3 meals a day is not affordable, and access to nutrient rich food may be difficult.

That is why SoBe Vegan is dedicated to both reducing food waste and assisting those less fortunate by donating our unsold (but still fresh) food to local charities and individuals in our community. This is just a small way we are trying to do our part in enhancing the lives of others in need.

Just by choosing to eat at our restaurant you are supporting this program, however if you feel passionate about this cause, there are other ways you can help those in need right here in Miami.


Other Ways to Help Feed Those in Need

Did you know that as of 2018, Florida is estimated to have a homeless population of over 31,000 people? And that figure does not include those families which have a home but may be struggling to provide clean, healthy, nutritious food for their themselves and their children.

Healthy food is essential for the wellbeing and proper development of children, and thus keeping our community well fed is something which benefits all of society in the long term, too.

Want to get involved? There are an abundance of opportunities to help get meals to those in need right here in South Florida.

Let’s go over the 5 most impactful but easy ways you can help feed our neighbors and friends who are struggling in our community.


1. Donate Food

There are multiple food banks throughout the South Florida area who work very hard to ensure that local families are not putting their kids to bed on an empty stomach. These programs are always in need of non-perishable food and beverages. We recommend grabbing a few extra items (please avoid products which lack in nutritional content) as you do your grocery shopping, then use Google to search for the closest food bank/pantry to you and drop off those items on your way home. This takes very little time and effort, and can make a huge impact for those in need of help.


2. Donate Money

Donating even a few dollars can go a long way to providing meals to those in need. We suggest finding a food bank closest to you through a quick Google search and donating easily online. You will feel so much inner joy from giving back with even the smallest amount. You can even set up automatic payments of just a few dollars a month to continue to make a big difference in the lives of others in the community without any more work on your part!


3. Donate Your Time

Many of us don’t necessarily have the extra money to donate to others, but there are very few of us who couldn’t spare an hour or two each week to help those in need. Volunteering at your local food bank or soup kitchen is a great way to get involved and make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Not only that, but it can be a great way to meet other like-minded individuals in your area, connect with the community, and improve your own life.

It has been said that the most selfless thing you can do is help others, because helping others is what brings us the sincerest form of happiness.


4. Get your Kids Involved

Getting your kids involved in volunteering and encouraging them to practice empathy and acts of kindness is one of the most powerful things you can do for your children as a parent. Show them that compassion and giving back is important in life by bringing them along to help out. Kids of all ages can help in the sorting, preparation, and serving of food at local food banks and pantries. This is a wonderful way to help those in need while simultaneously teaching your children the joy and importance of community action and volunteering that will stay with them for life.


5. Organize a Food Drive

If you want to create an even bigger impact, think bigger! A wonderful way to get others involved in your efforts to help your community is to organize a food drive, which is easy to do within groups you may be a part of, such as churches, schools or your workplace. Ask those around you to all donate food or money on a certain day and increase your collective impact. This is especially helpful during non-holiday seasons when folks are less likely to be thinking about our community members in need.

Thank you for your assistance in making our community a better place and improving the lives of our neighbors who need us! By working together in even the smallest of ways, we can all contribute to creating change and helping the members of our community, both young and old, who will go hungry without our help.