Vegan bacon, egg & cheese breakfast sandwich on toasted gluten-free bread being split in half by a woman’s hand.

When you look at a loaf of gluten-free bread, what do you see? Some common words might include “dense”, “flavorless”, and “unhealthy”. But don’t be deceived when we talk about the gluten-free sourdough SoBe Vegan sources from Little Northern Bakehouse. Rich in fiber, it maintains freshness longer as well as promotes a healthy digestive tract. Gluten-free sourdough provides our bodies with essential nutrients and good bacteria to make digesting food easy. This is possible due to a different fermentation process. Some studies have even found a further benefit. Sourdough fermentation aids in healing the gut of people with celiac disease who just started on a gluten-free diet. In fact, this bread is beneficial in two ways. Sourdough made with gluten-free flours is the best way for celiac or gluten sensitive people to reap these cultures’ benefits. They also get to enjoy fresh, minimally processed bread daily.

Here at SoBe Vegan, we understand how difficult it is to find delicious, gluten-free options when dining out. We pride ourselves to accommodate those with food allergies and to make their lives easier. We offer a variety of gluten-free items as well as substitution options on our menu without compromising taste. If you have wheat or celiac allergies or just want to improve your diet, come to SoBe Vegan today!

Our delicious menu items include options for every meal in the day. Our breakfast bowls and sandwiches, our Caesar Salad, our Mushroom Bowl, and our Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry shakes are all great choices. And this is just to name a few! “GF” symbols label any of our gluten-free items. Finally, any hot dog or burger can be served on gluten-free bread or South Beach Style. (The second choice is just a special way to say “use lettuce instead of a bun”.) Happy eating!