Acai bowl being held behind avocado toast and sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich served at SoBe Vegan.

When following a plant-based diet, the simple action of going out to eat at restaurants can often become a frustrating experience. Many restaurants continue to work on their sensitivity to dietary needs and restrictions but dining out can still be hit or miss for many trying to follow their plant-based regimen.  

One great habit to start is calling ahead of time to check for options, or even just checking the website. However, the plant-based options on a restaurant’s menu may not always be obvious, so calling ahead can reassure that there are in fact tasty menu items for you. Don’t be scared to ask if you can redesign a popular item to make it vegetarian or plant-based either. It may not be as hard as you’re imagining. 

A popular resource for plant-based diets is the Happy Cow website, which SoBe Vegan is registered with. This website allows for other plant-based dieters to leave reviews and ratings on how veg-friendly different restaurants in your area are. There are even tips on which menu items were able to be properly recreated as a plant-based or vegetarian dishes. 

Another way to guarantee success on your night out is to ask if the restaurant has a vegetarian menu. It’s a surprise to many that restaurants have these “secret” menus where they list only vegetarian versions of their plates, but lots of restaurants have started carrying them. They might not always have one, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. 

It might also be fun to get creative with side dishes. Sometimes when a plant-based entrée might not be available, combining side dishes such as rice and vegetables can provide you with a suitable meal. 

If by all means you can’t find a good plant-based dish, treat yourself with a new drink from the menu. There are lots of plant-based alcohol brands, and the restaurant is sure to have something on the shelf for you. 

Overall, remember to not stress too much. Focus on the friends and family you’re out with. In most cases, you will be able to find something to suit your requirements so don’t spend too much time worrying. Have a good time, relax, and just enjoy your night out.

Worrying is something you should never do at SoBe Vegan. Our entire menu is both delicious and plant-based; eating out vegan has never been so easy! Stop by soon and see what all the craze is about.