Kosher certification for SoBe Vegan.

It’s official! SoBe Vegan is now certified Kosher and Parve at both our Fort Lauderdale and South Beach locations. We were formerly certified last year, and we are very excited and grateful to be so again for 2021. A huge thanks is extended to Rabbi Andre Malek, who is registered by the Kosher Division of the New York State Department of Agriculture. This allows us to provide a variety of fresh, organic, healthy food for those near and far. This helps us break barriers that can prevent others from enjoying our menu, especially those within the Jewish community.

Kosher and Parve

You may think, “That’s great!” But are you familiar with what Kosher and Parve means? No need to worry, we’ll give you an overview of both.

The Kosher food law originates from the Torah and relates to any type of food that is suitable for consumption based on the strict dietary standards of traditional Jewish law. These laws define what foods are safe and unsafe to eat. Food with this label also uses a more responsible preparation process.

In addition, Parve is an extension of Kosher. It’s described as any food that isn’t a dairy product or meat, and further extends to the avoidance of cooking or consuming them together. This is especially important since the SoBe area we call home hosts a large Jewish population who follow these rules.

Other restaurants may make it difficult to enjoy a good meal while assuring their menus comply. Thankfully, none of our foods contain any animal products or byproducts and are safe to combine since they are vegan. This makes a meal with us much more enjoyable and stress-free!

Even if you don’t consistently eat Kosher, there’s plenty of reasons why you should stop by. All day breakfast, menus geared towards adults and kids, and attentive staff are just some perks of eating with us. And if you can’t come in person, we offer delivery for those who are nearby. Don’t be shy – we’ll see you soon!